AX -  RSDU     Rotator Static Discharge Unit



This unit provides a static bleed off of each of the 8-control lines from the antenna rotator controller. Shunting/grounding the static or surge on each line to ground when the line voltage exceeds 90vdc. from the control line to ground. The AX-RSDU-C has added 100v capacitors on each line to dissipate pulses from RF and electrical pulses below 100v. My competitors unit is almost twice the cost here.Diecast Aluminum construction, internal-external stainless-steel grounding posts with wing nuts, most units installed behind the rotator controller,easy to connect in series ,can be tower mounted with additonal rear-mounted bracket to fit ROHN 25 or 45 series towers.


Add to Cart        $89.00 each plus shipping -AX-RSDU


Add to Cart        $109.00 each plus shipping - AX-RSDU-C









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