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Byron  -  N4AX

My name is David (Byron) Allen  N4AX

I was first licensed in 1987 ,as N4RNK , Techinician class with the 13 wpm code completed , within the next 2-years I upgraded to Extra Class and later when the FCC opened the Vanity Callsign Gates, I applied and recieved N4AX. I am an avid CW operator on the HF Bands. I especialy enjoy chasing DX stations , 160 Meter CW Contesting (QRP) Class. I have managed in the last few years to make it to the Top 10 in the 160 CW QRP ranks, designing and testing antennas and interconnect / matching systems ,for use in those contests. After years of success , in 2015 I decided to provide solutions for other Amateurs implementation into their systems. Equipment that has proven its effectiveness, while also being durable to provide years of service.




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