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Introduction of a directional (terminated) Beverage Antenna Kit, see the following.

Model: AX-Bevkit9/1-50sd-bnc  50-Ohm Output Beverage Antenna Kit

Model : AX-ADJGND-Z  / Ground Clamp

Model : AX-BTR470/3W  470 Ohm 3W Termination Resistor Replacement

Model: AX-TWR-BOOT4/2    Rohn 25 -2" Mast/TopSection Boot to protect Thrust Bearing from Ice Accumulation

Model: AX-TTPWR-CAP   Ten-Tec ORION 565/566 Upgrade Capacitor Kt for Power Supply Board

Coming Soon:  

Beverage Matching Transformer Kit for 75-Ohm Feedlines and additional Tower accessories.

Model: AX-Bevkit6.25/1-75sd-bnc  75-Ohm Output Bevearge Antenna Kit

Model: AX-RSDU      Rotator Static Discharge Unit

Model: AX-RSDU-C  Rotatore Static Discharge Unit with Capacitors






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