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Welcome to N4AX.COM and the Introduction of a new product Line (2015)    Amateur Xcellence - products by N4AX



Check back here for other offerings to this line and future product lines to be introduced.


"NEW"  offering 10/2021

Electri-Fab Services


Custom Cable and wire assemblies, also IPC Certified Soldering , population of components onto customer supplied PC Boards.







  Hamshack tools / Supplies  

 Soldering tools,solder,connectors,cable,and misc hardware.

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Amateur  Xcellence  

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        Welcome to N4AX.COM


WelcomeAX-BEVKIT9/1-50SD-BNC fellow amateurs. The purpose of my website ( is to provide amateurs with elite and quality brands of hardware for their stations,to highlight my current brands and future brands. Whether it be for casual ragchew , dxing , or contesting types of operation. To provide quality , durable, and easy to maintain products for the greater enjoyment of the hobby . This site is also intended to be a place of understanding , and improvement to the hobby. I also welcome product improvement suggestions for all my product lines. Just send a email message with your (callsign/improvements) in the subject line. Also NEW - Non-Amateur Related Products.


Recieving Antennas  

Long and Short Beverages and interconnect/installation hardware.

Vertical and Loop switching ,phasing accesories, control devices.

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